Social Justice Strategic Planning & Consulting

We're here for you.

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The Challenge
We live in a time riddled with crisis; lives are being suffocated by addiction, neighborhoods are shattered with violence, and our youth feel lost and hopeless. Daily we hear of minority marginalization, mass incarceration, youth overdose, homelessness, conflict and human trafficking. Our goal at Awakenings, LLC is to be a voice supporting you with our experience and expertise, helping you through these difficult situations.  

How we can help: 

• Public Speaking, Consultation & Workshops 
        Best Practice Restructuring 
        Social Justice Awareness
        Restorative Practices 

        Sustainable Retention Strategies

• Classes for Professionals
        The Personal Impact of the Cycles of Violence
        Understanding the Mediation Process
        Steps to Improve Citizenship & Communities
         Decreasing Crime

         Economic Justice

• School Presentations
         Youth - Suicide Prevention
         By-stander Intervention

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