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         Restorative Practices             Coaching

All journeys begin with a single step. 

Restorative Practices includes teaching the following at an individual or group level: Mindfulness, Restorative Circles, Affect-Based Statements, Collaborative Class Agreements, Individual and Group Problem-Solving, and Anchor Charts.

Coaches are trained in helping people move forward in life, aiding in clarifying an individuals potential. As a coach, we will challenge you, clarifying what it is that you need and want, then taking the time to find out what success in life means to you. 

Expert Guidance - Let us know how we can help

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Our experience includes serving schools, youth, families, courts, probation departments, institutes, colleges, universities, corporations, companies, churches, and all types of individuals and agencies in our community. We will assist you with the implementation of a framework that is tailored to meet your needs.

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